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Bath Bombs (2 pack)


Honey Bee

Bring the British Summer into your bathroom with my Honey Bee Bath Bombs.  A luxurious honeycomb-shaped hand made bath bomb with a rich honey and oats fragrance topped with a hand crafted soap Honey Bee with glittering wings on the top like a soapy jewel!

Apricot and Pear

A warm sweet fruity comfort. a lovely warm apricot colour with just a hint of glitter - like the dew on a fruit tree on an autumn morning! 145g.

English Rose

A pure white bath bomb with a few dried rose petals.  But the most amazing rose scent...just like Grandad's garden on a warm summer evening, 145g.


The most lovely French Vanilla scented blue bath bomb with a little white soap snowflake for decoration.  We would really LOVE to make a soap with this fragrance - but we just can't because it discolours the soap rom the inside out after just a few weeks! 145g.


We have loved watching I Zombie and Santa Clarita this is one for our fellow Zombie fans - or for Halloween!  Fissures hand-painted by Alison,  Dragonsblood fragrance (with lots of Patchouli to make it rich and exotic!) Not everyone's favourite shape but ideal for Zombie fans! Available now in case you can't wait for Halloween.  No humans were harmed in making these products. 79g each.


With a lovely delicate orange flower fragrance these clean white bath bombs have a cute hand painted mica unicorn to delight all those of us who know in our hears that unicorns really exist!.145g.

All our bath bombs are hygienically shrink-wrapped to keep them fresh and clean. 

Please note - all our bath bombs are sold in twos so that we can afford not to charge you for postage.

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