Massage and Reflexology with the Blind Soapmaker

If you live close enough to come to see us, 
Alex the Blind Soapmaker offers Massage and Reflexology treatments.

Alex is now fully trained in Massage Therapy and Reflexology, having studied them at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. She specialises in on-site chair massage and reflexology. 

To find out more or book a session just ring Alex on 07884 394152  

Massage chair

This specialist chair is used for on-site chair massages

Alex writes:

'Quick, easy and comfortable. These are the three words I would choose to describe an onsite chair massage. The massage itself can take as long as is needed.  Whilst you are on the chair I can massage your shoulders, arms, back, neck and head. There is no need for clothing to be removed. 80% test results commonly give me a whirley smiley face!


Gentile, slow and rebooting are the three words I would use to describe this foot massage. Reflexology uses your reflex nerves within your feet to treat all parts of your body. Each section of the foot corresponds to an area of your body. After massaging over 40 clients I can honestly tell you that they felt it was time well spent. So I look forward to seeing you.