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Dino Bathtime Collection


These wonderful Gift Packs make the ideal gift for Dinosaur lovers of all ages!

Each recyclable eco-box contains:

1 T-Rex shaped, Pear and Apricot scented glycerin soap, 80g.
1 T-Rex and Volcano, Winter Wonderland fragrance Bath bomb (with a miniature T-Rex soap), 155g.
1 Stegosaurus shaped, Wild Berry fragrance, glycerin soap, 70g.
1 Stegosaurus and Fern, Lavender woods scented bath bomb, 155g.

ALL fragrances used are ALLERGEN FREE.

and all this is carefully nestled in paper eco-shred!

It's just like having your own Jurassic Park in a box to use at bathtime!

Just £19.99 post free to your door.

PS We know that our soaps are not anatomically correct models of dinosaurs but they are soo cute, who can resist them?