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Glycerin Soaps


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Blind Soapmaker Glycerin soaps use natural Glycerin to moisturise your skin by helping it retain its natural moisture.

Many are coloured with coloured natural mica powder, which gives a fabulous sparkly colour and every bar has its own unique pattern formed when the soap sets.

Available in:

Cedarwood - bronze mica ALLERGEN FREE

Cherry Berry - deep red mica ALLERGEN FREE

Clementine Jelly - brilliant gold mica

Enchantment - bright sky blue mica

Frankincense and Fig - rich orange mica

Golden Daffodil - daffodil yellow mica

Green Bamboo and Olive - rich cool green mica

Jasmin and Ylang-Ylang - deep pink mica

Lavender Woods - deep lavender mica

Stargazer Lily - pink mica

Lemon - lovely yellow mica (no glitter)

Lemon Sparkle - translucent lemon yellow with silver glitter ALLERGEN FREE

MInt Choc Chip - mint leaf green mica

Orange and Calendula - translucent orange with dried calendula petals ALLERGEN FREE

Sandalwood - copper mica .

All bars are boxed in our lovely sliding cartons.

95g each