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Special Offer - Glycerin Soaps 6 for £21 (post free) - 30% off normal price!


Coronavirus is making us wash our hands a lot more, and this is really drying for our skin if you use harsh soaps.  Our glycerin soaps are naturally moisturising so they are much kinder to your skin.

We want to help keep you and your family safe so we are offering six of our lovely glycerin soaps at 30% off - that is just £3.50 each, delivered to your door! (Normal price £4.99 each)

in each 'All Six' pack there is one each of Clementine Jelly, Lemon, Lily Stargazer, Cherry Berry, Frankincense and Fig and Enchantment glycerin soaps.

In each 'Allergen Free' pack there are two each of Cherry Berry, Lemon and Sweet Sandalwood glycerin soaps.

All soaps are first quality and boxed - so you can proudly give them to your friends as presents! Though you might not want to give them away once you have tried them!

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